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American Movie

6 August 2008

I love to watch at American Movies. They give me a lot; entertain, fun, knowledge, dream and so on. But most of all, I feel at home when I listen to their conversations. I am sure that all of you guys know what I mean. Such as “What the hell are you …”, or anything else. What a fantastic language.

My basic language for English is the American English, not British English. British is too heavy for me. To much thing I don’t understand. But I am glad when I saw Harry Potter on the movie, they sound like ….a queen. The way the say is nice, but to speak like them is difficult. So when the first time I study English, I decided to take American style for my English. No matter what the **** you are talking about, I’ve made up my **** mind.


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One Comment
  1. English is not my native language as well and when I speak it I balance between British English and American English, depends where I am and who I’m talking with. It’s odd lol
    Congrats on your English

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