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31 July 2008

Norsyaidah, that is her name. She suffers from wires that grow in her body. I really don’t understand if it because of a magic or it is something related with medic. It is too hard to imagine how she can survive with those wires in her body since 1991. She is a teacher who is active with her activity teaching her students is kinder garden.

When she was taken to the hospital by the government, she refused to be operated. It was ok just to take a x-ray on her body to investigated what are in her body. She said that she was not ready to be operated, because she was still trauma. Hopefully she is going to be ok soon, and teach her students again like it used to be. Wish you luck, Nor…..

To see the photo, see


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One Comment
  1. Wow that was amazing. Hope they can figure it out.

    I found this also about it. Really amazing.
    Thanks for sharing this story.

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