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31 July 2008

Just after my students were graduated, we went together to Bali Island, a god of island. It was a nice journey till we met a leak. (a ghost from Bali). It hide him self in a bathroom in the hotel where we slept. Wow, amazing. We were very afraid. He showed him self to one of my student, so she begun to cry and wanted to go home. (Come on dud, it was far and far away).

Again, when my student was quite cool, she begun to sleep. But, yes.. the leak didn’t let her go. Even in her dream, he showed him self to my student. (oh my ….) The night started with the rain. A heavy rain till suddenly it stopped, but change with other thing….. a howl of dogs. We even couldn’t sleep cause we had to accompany our students. Then, …..


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  1. I’m not leaving don’t worry 🙂 I’m glad to see you like my blog!!! I’m just continuing on my own website that I bought, so if you want to continue reading just mosey on over there, and it’s all set up! I think I have the link in my original blog, but just in case, it’s- and then just click the image to enter. thanks for reading!!

  2. Hi Iisk!

    What language do you write in?

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