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19 June 2008

Writing isn’t something luxury anymore. It used to be so luxury that just only few people spent their time by thinking very hard to have a good article. They were thinking very hard to send what was in their mind to others. It could be article for politic, saint, economic, or other. Now, writing is for everybody. They no need to go to the publisher, they just spend their time in front of their computer, write, and up load, that’s all. So easy that everybody can do that.  

But the question is, how to start writing? Do we need to know bout the theory and apply, or just apply what is in our mind directly to our blog? There is only one answer for that; learning by doing. Practice makes perfect, that is what people say. So just write and send to your blog. So that easy.

Never think too hard bout this. If you just think what you are going to write, you just spend your time by thinking, not writing. Thinking is important, but the don’t take it so hard. You will be confuse cause there is a lot of thing in our mind. It is important to write something mathematically, but for the beginning, just write!!

How if our article is too bad? Yup, by the time we will know much bout it by writing. We will know what is bad or what is good by making mistakes. Just keep writing and writing. So, what are you waiting for?


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