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19 June 2008

Depress can happen to everybody; men, women, old or young. No matter who we are, wherever we are, depress can happen to us. Depress can also happen to children, the creature that seems impossible to be depressed.

Children however are children. They do anything with their own way, they think the way they are with their egoism. They are so unique. That’s way it seems that it is impossible to be depressed.

Crying is the easiest way for us to know that they are depressed. This is not the only one symptom, but we can recognize it by their crying. It is not common crying, but different.

If we go in that situation, understanding them is one of way to make them feel at home. Giving them a little touch can be a medicine for them. Look them in a good way, make them feel that we are happy because of them. If we do that, children will feel that we can be their partner.

Ask them what happen, let them cry if they need to. It will give them a place to tell what is going on. If they feel comfortable, it is a good time for us to find the solutions for them together with them.


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